KX450F 2024 Race Kit

O2R 3519RRK
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Kawasaki KX450F 2024 Race Kit

Race Ready Factory Pre-Oiled Option Available

Kawasaki KX450F 2024 Performance Race Kit. Designed to provide improved air flow, better filtration and a longer service interval compared to the standad filter.

The kit contains 1 x Billet Aluminium Air Filter Cage, 1 x Factory Pre-Oiled High Flow Air Filter.

Replacement filter O2R3519

O2 Rush dirt bike filters are the choice of many of Australia's leading race teams. O2 Rush air filters provide the ultimate in airflow and filtration thanks to there unique Saw-Tooth foam design.


  • The Saw-Tooth design provides 2X the surface area of standard filters.
  • O2 Rush dirt bike filters feature Ultra-Soft seals to provide the ultimate seal between the air filter cage and air box.
Air filter comparison

In the dynamic world of dirt biking, one component often overlooked yet crucial for performance is the air filter. A recent test focused on filters designed for the KTM 450SX 2023 model. Conducted on June 20, 2023, at an ambient temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, the examination utilized the Superflow 400, a trusted tool in the industry, at a pressure of 28 inches. Independently overseen by Warspeed Industries, the test aimed to gauge airflow and filtration efficiency.

Results showed significant variations among the filters tested. Some demonstrated superior airflow characteristics, potentially enhancing engine performance by facilitating optimal air intake. Others, however, revealed limitations that could compromise engine efficiency.

In conclusion, this test highlights the importance of selecting the right air filter for dirt bikes. By understanding the performance discrepancies, riders can make informed choices to elevate their bike's performance and durability. Ultimately, the air filter plays a crucial role in maintaining engine health and maximizing power output, making such tests invaluable for riders seeking peak performance.

Revolutionizing Motorbike Performance: The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Engine Protection with Advanced Air Filter Technology

Single stage CNC Profile Cut Saw-Tooth Design Foam:
This innovative design feature enhances the air filtration efficiency of the motorbike's air filter. The saw-tooth pattern increases the surface area of the foam, effectively trapping more contaminants and particles from entering the engine.

Compared to standard filters, this design offers double the surface area, ensuring superior filtration performance and optimal engine protection.

10-15mm Profile Foam Thickness:
The foam thickness plays a crucial role in filtering out unwanted particles while allowing sufficient airflow for the engine's optimal performance.

With a thickness ranging from 10 to 15mm, this air filter strikes the right balance between filtration efficiency and airflow, ensuring maximum engine protection without compromising performance.

Polyurethane Grommets:
Polyurethane grommets provide secure and reliable attachment points for the air filter, ensuring a snug fit and preventing air leaks.
These grommets are durable and resistant to wear and tear, offering long-lasting performance even in demanding riding conditions.

Air filter comparison

12mm Ultra-Soft Foam Seal:
The ultra-soft foam seal ensures a tight and effective seal between the air filter and the air intake housing of the motorbike.

With a thickness of 12mm, this foam seal minimizes the risk of air bypass and ensures that only filtered air enters the engine, optimizing performance and protecting against contaminants.

Laser Cut Fitment:
All filters are precisely laser-cut to ensure perfect fitment and compatibility with the motorbike's air intake system.
This precision manufacturing process guarantees a seamless installation experience and eliminates the need for modifications or adjustments, saving time and effort for the user.

Flexible Glue Seams:
The use of flexible glue seams prevents the air filter from becoming brittle and cracking over time, ensuring durability and longevity.

This feature enhances the overall lifespan of the air filter, providing consistent performance and reliability throughout its service life.

These points highlight the key features and benefits of the air filter, emphasizing its superior design, construction, and performance for motorbike enthusiasts seeking optimal engine protection and performance.