High Performance Dirt Bike Filters

O2 Rush dirt bike filters are the choice of many of Australia's leading race teams. O2 Rush air filters provide the ultimate in air flow and filtration thanks to there unique Saw-Tooth foam design.

The Saw-Tooth design provides 2X the surface area of standard filters.

O2 Rush dirt bike filters feature Ultra-Soft seals to provide the ultimate seal between the air filter cage and air box.

O2 Rush filters are available dry or pre-oiled (Race Ready).  

O2 Rush Race ready

Factory pre-oiled - Ready to use - Ready to Race

O2 Rush Race Ready air filters are the choice of CDR Yamaha & DPH Factory Husqvarna Race Teams

Never clean or oil an air for the next 12 months

Purchace a O2 Rush Pro Or Club Pack and Uniflter will take care of all your air filter servicing for the next 12 months.