Unifilter ProComp2 Two Stage Dirt Bike Filters 

O2 Rush High Performance Single Stage Dirt Bike Filters

Unifilter's ProComp2 range of professional, 2-stage air filters for the serious Enduro rider and "Weekend Warrior" 2-stage filtration - improved protection for extreme dusty conditions. Corrugated outer layer provides 100% more surface area than standard filter Layers can be separated for easy cleaning. (all other brands bond the layers together) Improved air flow Improved power All filters supplied dry and require oiling before use

O2 Rush dirt bike filters are the choice of many of Australia's leading race teams. O2 Rush air filters provide the ultimate in air flow and filtration thanks to there unique Saw-Tooth foam design.

The Saw-Tooth design provides 2X the surface area of standard filters.

O2 Rush dirt bike filters feature Ultra-Soft seals to provide the ultimate seal between the air filter cage and air box.

O2 Rush filters are available dry or pre-oiled (Race Ready).