ProComp2 Dirt Bike Filters

Unifilter's ProComp2 range of professional, 2-stage air filters for the serious Enduro rider and "Weekend Warrior" 2-stage filtration - improved protection for extreme dusty conditions. Corrugated outer layer provides 100% more surface area than standard filter Layers can be separated for easy cleaning. (all other brands bond the layers together) Improved air flow Improved power All filters supplied dry and require oiling before use

Why are Procomp2 dirt bike filters the best!

This filter was used by Vaughn Cumming from MSC Products on his Suzuki RMZ 450 on the first leg of the 2013 Finke Desert Race.

You can see the corrugated outer work stage has trapped all the dust and none has penetrated to the inner back up stage. The corrugated outer work stage allows the filter to perform for longer compared all other air filters. The fact the the two layers can be separated allows the filter to be cleaned easier and eliminates the chance of dirt getting caught between the layers like it can on "Twin Layer" filters. You can also see from the pictures that "Unifilter Filter Fix Filter Oil" stays moist and does not dry like most foam filter oils. This is because it is a mineral based oil and not synthetic based which will tend to dry out when the dust soaks into the oil.