Quad Pods

  • Description

Unifilter "Quad Pod" filters are designed to fit Weber/Solex/ITB & Motorcycle quad carbie setups. Quad Pods are perfect for Road, Race, Rally & Speedway applications. We have many standard intake configurations. We can also cust make these filters to you requirement. 

Quad Pod's are CNC profile cut using our state of the art in-house designed CNC foam profile cutting machines. Each filter is cut from a solid block of foam. The filters have 4 internal support springs that sit on the inside lip of your intake trumpets. The base sealing foam is laser cut for perfect fitment and sealing around the intake tube.

Quad Pod's are easy to fit and fully servicable. The springs can be removed for easy cleaning.

Each kits is supplied with an 2nd stage cover for use in Extreme Dusty conditions.

All filters are supplied in using Red Foam. We can make using other colours on request.