Unifilter replacement automotive air filters are designed to give the ultimate in protection while delivering the best performance possible. Designed and made in Australia for Australian conditions.

Unifilter Panel filters are designed with 2 foam inserts that can be removed from the housing for servicing. The yellow work stage is the side that traps the dirt while the inner green layer acts as a safety stage when used in extreme dusty conditions.

Unifilter radial filters have two layers of foam. The outer Yellow layer is the work stage and inner green layer is safety stage for extreme dusty conditions.

Layers can be removed for easy servicing.

4x4 Combo Packs

Unifilter 4x4 Combo Packs include.

1 x Replacement Air Filter Element

1 x Replacement Foam Set (Panel Filter)


1 x Outer Work Layer (Radial Filter)

1 x 250ml Filter Oil

1 x 250ml Filter Cleaner

1 x Pair Gloves

1 x Service Cloth

1 x Service Bucket


These are some examples of how well Unifilter air filters perform in extreme dusty conditions.

Corrugated foam air filters hold the dirt on the surface of the filter. The oil soaks into the dirt and continues to trap more dirt. This allow the foam to breathe better for longer.

Pleated paper filters trap dirt in the perforations in the paper. As the filter traps dirt it reduces the flow of air.