Hilux 2.4L & 2.8L Turbo Diesel 2016-20

TT324 241S
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Toyota Hilux 2.4L & 2.8L Turbo Diesel Models 2016-20

GUN122R 2.4L TD, GUN123R 2.8L TD, GUN125R 2.4L TD, GUN126R 2.8L TD, GUN136R 2.8L TD

Hi Performance Re-usable replacement air filter element. Unifilter air filters will give your engine more air flow, improved fuel economy while providing the ultimate in filtration. Unifilter air filters are designed so the foam layers are easily removed from the housing for easy cleaning. 

Upgrade to a Combo Pack and receive

1 x Foam Set.

1 x 250ml Filter Oil.

1 x 250ml Filter Cleaner

1 x servicing pack (Gloves & Towel)

1 x 5L servicing Bucket