ProComp2 Two Stage Dirt Bike Filters

ProComp2 Two Stage Filters

Unifilter's ProComp2 range of professional, 2-stage air filters for the serious Enduro rider and "Weekend Warrior" 2-stage filtration - improved protection for extreme dusty conditions. Corrugated outer layer provides 100% more surface area than standard filter Layers can be separated for easy cleaning. (all other brands bond the layers together) Improved air flow Improved power All filters supplied dry and require oiling before use

Pro Packs & Club Packs

No one really wants to clean and re-oil air filters, it’s one of those incredibly necessary, but horrible tasks involved in owning a dirtbike, so here at Unifilter we started to think about how we could offer everyone the type of service that we already offer to the Factory Race Teams, and so the Club and Pro Packs have been developed! Simply purchase the pack that best suits your needs, and we’ll supply you with pre-oiled air filters, along with a return post bag, simply send us back your dirty filters and we’ll send you back clean, re-oiled filters and another post bag, ready to go! Pro and Club pack service expires after 12 months of purchase.