Replacement Unifilter Foam Elements

Is your Unifilter getting a little long in the tooth and in need of an upgrade?  Rather than purchase a complete new filter, Unifilter can supply replacement inner "Foams" and outer "Strippers" for all of the filters it produces.

It may be that you require additional "Foams" or "Strippers" for an extended trip in harsh conditions?  You can purchase them here.  Items are individually packed and pre-oiled for use.

We have listed here replacements for our most popular single and dual-stage filters.  If your filter is not listed here, then please contact us direct for price and availability - we're sure to have them readily available too.


CKC200 120ST

CKC200 142S

CKC230 145S

KC120 170S

KC130 170S

KC130 265S

KC130 282S

KC150 155S

KC150 190S

KC150 203S

KC150 215S

KC150 235S

KC150 300S

PC126 138

PC150 150

TT166 153S

TT175 140S

TT180 170S

TT188 176S

TT190 165S